Physical Therapy Services are Now Available Every Friday!


  • Friday 9am-12pm

Services Offered

Manual Physical Therapy

Hands on approach to treatment which includes techniques such as soft tissue release, mobilizations and manipulations. Manual therapy helps to modulate pain, improve range of motion, mobilize restricted joints, facilitate muscle action, and enhance healing and repair.  I believe that providing manual care is more effective and the best use of a patient’s time than utilizing mechanical modalities like ultrasound and electronic stimulation.


Integrative Dry Needling

While dry needling uses thin hair like acupuncture needles, dry needling is not acupuncture.  Dry needling is a minimally invasive technique, rooted Western medicine, and treats the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  Needles are inserted into triggers points, muscle, fascia and connective tissues.  Research indicates that it is effective for pain control, releasing muscle tension, and restoring normal body physiology.  In practice, needles augment manual therapy and access places in the body that hands can not.



While these “spots” may look painful, the vast majority of my patients report cupping to be a pain free and pain relieving treatment.  The vacuum effect of cupping improves microcirculation, lymphatic flow, breaks down scar tissue and adhesions, and softens muscle and tissue tension.  If bruising occurs, it’s often temporary and dissipates within days.

About Dr. Najarian

Dr. Taleen Najarian, received her doctorate from Oakland University’s physical therapy program. Owner and physical therapist at Performance Physical Therapy, she is not your average medical professional.  After years working within our modern healthcare system, she has identified several areas of improvement and has been determined to find a creative solution. A solution that combines modern evidence based medical practice as well as her unique holistic approach to  neuromuscular dysfunction and disease. Dr. Najarian set out to reinvent mainstream physical therapy by providing patients with the treatment they need as well as the hands-on care they deserve.

A native to metro Detroit, Dr. Najarian chose Oakland University’s physical therapy program because of its reputation as a leader in orthopedic manual therapy and hands on healing techniques.  In 2012, she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and continued down an aggressive educational path becoming certified in Active Release Technique, Neurokinetic Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Cupping, and Integrative Dry Needling.  What makes Dr. Najarian unique is her blend of muscle therapy techniques in combination with cupping and dry needling. This has proven to be highly effective in increasing micro-circulation and encouraging the body to self-heal.

Throughout her career Dr. Najarian has worked with Olympians, professional athletes, collegiate competitors and common over use injury patterns.  She is often the last hope for many patients who’ve had failed attempts with other therapies, injections, or medication. Dr. Najarian’s proven treatment approach is to consider the entire person; encompassing all body-systems, as well as the mental aspects of injury and dysfunction.  When Dr. Najarian is not in office, you can find her working in the intensive care unit at Henry Ford as well as teaching pre-physical therapy students at Oakland University.



COVID-19 Updates

During these past months of uncertainty and change, we have been looking forward to the day when we can welcome guests back to Margot European Spa. We will operate based on the reopening guidelines established by the Governor’s executive order and our professional bodies’ recommendations.

Our hours of business will remain the same. However, late evenings on Wednesday and Thursday will be by appointment only. We will also be offering early opening hours by appointment for any of our vulnerable clients. Our top priority has always been to bring an unparalleled safe experience of healing and rejuvenation to our guests, and our resolve is stronger now than ever.

Our team has been hard at work to raise the bar of hygiene and sanitation, as well as considering every step of treatment processes to ensure we meet your needs in a focused and safe manner that is in accordance with government guidelines.

Here are some tangible ways we have increased our efforts to guarantee guest and employee safety:

  • We request all clients call the spa from their car when they arrive, front desk will confirm when to enter the spa building (this is to help with social distancing within the reception area)
  • Only the client scheduled for service will be allowed in the spa. (no additional guests please)
  • Client temperature will be taken on arrival and a questionnaire to ensure health and safety
  • Hand sanitizer and gloves offered to each client
  • We ask that you only bring your form of payment, phone and keys into appointments, no extra items
  • Social distancing will be in operation per government orders

All employees will be screened daily before the start of their work day

  • All employees will be wearing the necessary PPE to protect themselves and clients at all times
  • All employees will be thoroughly washing their hands
  • Staff will increase facility protocols to clean and disinfect to limit exposure to COVID-19 especially on high-touch surfaces (e.g. door handles, hard surfaces), and paying special attention to products and shared equipment.
  • Our front desk staff will welcome you upon arrival and help you navigate to either the locker room or directly to your treatment room, if preferred.
  • Temporary closure of communal space of waiting/relaxation areas
  • Water will be available to guests on request in lieu of communal snacks and beverages.
  • Opportunity to pay for your treatment and gratuity in advance to allow for a touchless payment transaction.
  • We request all payments will be collected via credit, debit or gift cards. (Cash will be accepted)

To keep our guests and employees safe, we will ask all guests to:

  • Refrain from visiting the spa if you or a household member have a fever, COVID-19 symptoms or a communicable illness.
  • Refrain from visiting the spa if you are under an isolation or quarantine order/directive.
  • Refrain from visiting the spa if you have traveled out of state or internationally. Quarantine for 14 days before attending an appointment
  • Respect the spa’s sanitation and hygiene standards and processes posted within the spa and shared by employees.
  • Wash hands prior to beginning each treatment/service.
  • Share special sanitation or hygiene requests prior to arriving at the spa.

To book a treatment, please visit our website for online booking or call us at 248 642 3770. At Margot European Spa, our passion is serving you. We look forward to resuming operations and bringing healing to our guests once again.

The Margot European Spa Team


COVID-19 Statement

Margot European Spa has always upheld the most thorough levels of housekeeping across all departments within the spa.  Our staff and housekeeping teams are commitment to the highest cleanliness standards.  Before we re-open we will deliver a new awareness and cleaning training program to every team member which will be updated and refreshed on a daily basis at team briefings to ensure that our ongoing commitment to hygiene remains the top priority for both the team and our clients. We will ensure that any changes and official guidance on the management of the COVID-19 public health risk are communicated immediately.

In the face of this challenge, we have introduced more frequent cleaning intervals, reviewed all cleaning products for efficiency against Corona-virus and ensured that all cleaning processes take into consideration chemical contact times to ensure effective sanitization of this health risk.

We have reviewed and adjusted our operating processes within the spa to ensure that we have minimized the opportunity for cross contamination of individuals – our clients, our team and suppliers.  This will inevitably affect some of the services and personal interactions which have occurred in the past and whilst this may limit some of the things we have previously done, we are certain that both our clients and team will agree that safety comes first.

Ultimately the situation and official advice changes on a daily basis and we will continue to adapt our procedures accordingly.  We remain committed to ensuring that our team, stay safe whilst our clients enjoy a relaxing spa experience during these unfamiliar times.

The team would like to thank you for your patience at this very difficult time.  We have been inundated with appointment enquiries and have been working systematically to respond to clients with the closest booking date.

Jane Iredale, Skincare

Jane Iredale Powder-Me SPF® Dry Sunscreen

Jane Iredale SunscreenDETAILS:

  • A dry sunscreen for face and body without chemical sunscreen actives.
  • SPF 30 broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sun protection.
  • Water resistant to 40 minutes.
  • Can be used on sunburn to help calm and soothe the skin.
  • Reef safe sunscreen.
  • Recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen.


Apply generously to body, face and scalp for sun protection. Use the included sponge applicator by patting first and then gently gliding across the face & body, or apply using a brush.


  • Set with a hydration spray for a long-lasting finish.
  • Mix with a cream moisturizer to create a liquid sunscreen.
  • Mix with 24-Karat Gold Dust Shimmer Powder for a golden goddess look.
  • Mix with Hand-Drink Hand Cream to create a liquid sunscreen.
Essential Oils, Spa Treatments

Therapeutic Uses for Popular Essential Oils


A small fragrant plant which grows to a height of about 3 feet.  There are over seven hundred different species of geranium.

Essential oil Therapeutic properties:

·        Anti-septic
·        Astringent
·        Anti-inflammatory
·        Anti-depressant
·        Diuretic – stimulates the secretion of fluid
·        Stimulant – uplifting effect
·        Tonic

Essential oil Therapeutic uses:

·        Improves circulation
·        Uplifting, anxiety, depression
·        Hormonal imbalances, PMT
·        Nervous tension, stress,
·        Oedema, Cellulite
·        Chilblains


Evergreen citrus tree which grows to the height of 10-20 feet and has fragrant white flowers

Essential oil Therapeutic properties:

·        Anti-septic
·        Astringent
·        Anti-spasmodic
·        Anti-anaemic
·        Anti-rheumatic
·        Bactericidal
·        Hypotensive – lowers blood pressure
·        Febrifuge – combats fever

Essential oil Therapeutic uses:

·        Skin conditions – acne, oily skin
·        Warts
·        High blood pressure
·        Asthma, throat infections
·        Digestive problems – bloating, obesity, indigestion
·        Rheumatism
·        Anaemia
·        Brittle nails
·        Varicose veins


Aromatic, woody shrub with grey-green, small pointed leaves and delicate violet blue flowers

Essential Oil therapeutic properties:

·        Analgesic
·        Anti-microbial
·        Antiseptic
·        Diuretic
·        Insecticidal
·        Parasiticidal
·        Sedative
·        Anti-depressant
·        Anti-rheumatic
·        Anti-spasmodic
·        Deodorant
·        Expectant
·        Stimulant
·        Tonic

Essential oil Therapeutic uses:

·        Migraine, headache
·        Depression, nervous tension, stress
·        Rheumatism and arthritis
·        Asthma, coughs
·        Scar tissue, burns, bruises
·        Skin disorders
·        Cystitis
·        Insect repellent – bites and stings
·        Insomnia
·        PMT
·        Shock
·        Epilepsy
·        Poor circulation


Massage Therapy

5 Scientific Benefits of a Regular Massage




Regular massages increases white blood cells that fight off viruses.




Massage encourages deep sleep as it relaxes the mind and body.




A regular massage can relieve stress and anxiety as it lowers cortisol and increases serotonin.




Regular massages can help reduce and properly manage pain.




Regular massage has healing effects on the brain resulting in greater focus, productivity and accuracy.