The Power of Essentials

For thirty-five years, we’ve studied abroad, learning of the many benefits and uses of essential oils. Let us share our knowledge, so you can experience positive well being through daily use of essential oils.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are the regenerative and oxygenating properties of plants. The oil is obtained by a variety of methods, typically expression or distillation, directly from the plant and contained within the oil is the molecular composition and intrinsic properties of the plant which work hand in hand with our bodies for both repairing and growing cells. The human body has the ability to take in the positive attributes of the oil by absorption of the pure oil directly through the skin, or by mixing the oil with other “carrier” oils such as coconut and hazelnut oils, or through the sense of smell which sends signals to the limbic center of the brain. The essences of extract and resins are known to be the most powerful part of the plant and contain many beneficial properties.

Why Use Essential Oils?

Using essential oils improves the quality of our daily living by tapping into the organic properties of plants and how they can bring about positive interaction and rebuilding in our bodies. Every plant oil is unique in chemical composition with very small molecules know as aldehydes, oxides, esters among others.  The microscopic components interact with the body and can stimulate the body’s immune system, help kill bacteria and aid in cell growth. They contain antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and antiseptic properties and are powerful oxygenators that act as carrying agents in the delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

Essential Oils Then and Now

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years around the world. Studies of ancient Egypt, Rome, and China have discovered civilizations have blended mixtures of plant oils for religious ceremonies, perfumes and healing dating back to 4500 B.C..

During World War II, Dr. Jean Valnet, M.D., an army physician and surgeon, used the medicinal properties of local plants to aid in the healing and recovery of those injured in battle. He dedicated his life to discovering and documenting nature’s offering of healing in plants. An expert in the field, Dr. Valnet is quoted as saying:  “Forgotten and ignored for many years, essential oils are coming back into their own…. as the stars of medicine…”.

Additionally, a recognized expert, researcher and author on the topic, Dr. Terry Friedmann, M.D., stated “Use of essential oils is one of the most powerful yet safe healing modalities we have today.”.

At Margot European Day Spa

we continually educate ourselves and share with our clients the modern day offerings and the time proven benefits of essential oils. Companies like Decleor in France have a line of aroma products to relax and detoxify the body and soul. With the supervision of continually trained experts, adding essential oils to daily living is helpful to the well being of the mind, emotions and body.


Marine Ingredients, Minerals, Skincare

The Future of Skincare with Marine Ingredients

Phytomer Skincare MineralsSince early civilization, humankind from every culture has returned to the ocean for balance and well-being. Scientific research has recently proven that seawater can indeed restore balance to an organism, something that cannot be offered anyplace else. Ocean water can offer this to us because it has a nearly identical chemical composition and concentration of minerals and trace elements to those found in our blood plasma. The human body is depleted of vital minerals on a daily basis and requires replenishment of minerals and trace elements in order to maintain proper cell function. When cell function is out of balance, nutrients are not absorbed properly and our immune system may be compromised. Understanding the unique nutrient composition of the ocean’s environment has been monumental for the skincare industry. Spa products that revolve around ocean-based active ingredients bring the sea and its replenishing therapies into the spa and your home.

Marine-based ingredients offer multiple advantages to skincare; re-mineralizing the body with vital minerals and trace elements, detoxifying to expel metabolic waste, and assisting the skin to balance, repair, and prevent aging. By simply adding a seawater concentrate to a hydrotherapy spa treatment (or your bath at home), you are recreating a sea environment that helps alleviate mental and physical fatigue, psoriasis, eczema, acne, and dehydration. After just one bath or body wrap, you will notice a profound improvement with both physical and emotional well-being, having flushed toxins and excess water retention out of the body. The use of marine-based topical gels and creams also help minimize the appearance of cellulite, while firming and toning the epidermis (the upper layers of the skin). This is all offered through different forms of sea algae plants and elements found in sea water.

It is important to do your research when choosing your products and treatments. Many cosmetic companies now offer algae and marine-based products, yet the ingredients are not always active, and will not offer you the same results. Freeze-drying methods will naturally preserve the active ingredients and ensure the properties are retained and the results are delivered. Location of harvesting is equally important, so that the product is not gathered from polluted waters or from inland algae farms. It is preferred to be from areas with large tidal fluctuations, such as the Brittany regions of France. Lastly, it is important that the manufacturer practices sustainable development and is not depleting the ocean of its resources.

Phytomer Corporation, based in the Brittany coast of St. Malo, France has been the leader in researching and developing high quality marine-based cosmetic products since the 1970s. With annual government grants they are able to continue to patent ingredients and produce marine skincare that can successfully provide solutions to most skincare concerns. Marine Biotechnology is providing the cosmetic industry with highly potent ingredients that cannot be acquired from any land-based raw material, and we hope for it to continue to be the future of skincare.