Massage Therapy, Stress Reduction

Margot European Spa exclusive custom blended European therapeutic organic oils.

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Margot European Spa prides itself on using the finest, 100% pure, premium grade, organic essential oils in our massage treatments.

Our massage treatments use natural organic custom-blended therapeutic essential oils that rebalance energy levels and calm the mind. Whether you wish to feel relaxed or rejuvenated, our soothing massage treatments will restore a sense of harmony to your body, mind and soul.

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BalanceClarify, Compose, Restore, Elevate – Restore your balance in times of emotional stress. Bergamot and lavender help to stabilize the nervous system while the warmth of benzoin eases anxiety and tension. Pettigrain evokes a positive attitude and rosemary revives mental clarity. With a touch of sweet orange for resilience and evening primrose, which is rich in essential fatty acids to provide emotional stability.

Muscle EaseRecharge, Sooth, Revive, Ease – Recharge, revive and restore energy levels to your aching and tired muscles. Powerful ginger helps to stimulate circulation. Sweet marjoram eases muscular aches whilst lemon and eucalyptus cleanse and de-congest. St. Johns-Wart contains potent nutrients that can help alleviate bruising and soothe inflammation.

RelaxCalm, Overcome, Revitalize, Harmonize – Restore harmony to your body and bring balance to your senses. Clary sage eases nervous tension as frankincense and bergamot overcome stress and anxiety. The powerful rose maroc boosts circulation and revitalizes the body whilst essential acids from camellia oil regenerate and soothe.

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Book a massage and enjoy the most holistic experience possible. Begin your massage treatment with a full body exfoliation to assist with the penetration of the therapeutic rejuvenating essential oils.

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We do not recommend massage with the use of the therapeutic essential oils if you suffer from epilepsy, thrombosis, varicose veins or circulatory problems. We also would not recommend having the oils if you are pregnant.


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