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THE ULTIMATE spa experiences for the month of December.

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Call (248) 642-3770

Call (248) 642-3770

Vie 3D Wrinkle Smoothing Treatment

Targets 3 dimensions of aging!

Experience the smoothing effects of Botox, the plumping effects of hyaluronic acid, and the skin tightening effects of a surgical facelift. A luxurious alternative to invasive procedures, combining medical expertise with the gentle touch of spa care. Complimentary 15-minute reflexology included!


$225 value

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Red Carpet Facial Peel

Be Red Carpet ready this holiday season!

This intensive peel utilizes alpha and beta hydroxy acids to completely renew and resurface the skin’s tone and texture. A 30% dose of glycolic, lactic, and salicylic acid is infused with vitamin B-5 to simultaneously eliminate fine line and surfaces roughness while minimizing pore size and plumping the skin with moisture.


$160 value

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Phytomer Re-Mineralizing Body Wrap

Renew and rebalance in time for festivities!

Wrap yourself in this anti-stress and anti-fatigue treatment which combines the powers of marine therapy and aromatherapy to create a physical and emotional balance. An essential oil with seawater gel provides all the trace elements to rebalance sluggish cells, eliminating the cause of many skin and body conditions – ideal for jet lag.


$165 value

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Four Handed Synchronized Aromatherapy Massage

Treat yourself to the ultimate massage experience!

In this indulgent session, two therapists work simultaneously, creating a choreographed massage. This unique experience combines a variety of massage techniques, combining long, flowing strokes designed to relax the body. Aromatic warm oils soothe the senses and nourish the skin. You will leave feeling sensational and serene.


$10 savings

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Destination Zanzibar

Allow your body and mind to drift to a faraway land!

Virgin Coconut Body Polish will polish your skin to perfection using coconut hull powder and coconut oil. These raw ingredients from the exotic coast of Zanzibar nourish the skin with fragrant coconut extracts. Includes a 60-minute therapeutic massage with virgin coconut oil.


$160 value

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Energizing Seawater Soak

Transform your tub into an ocean experience!

The ocean contains vital trace elements necessary to sustain cellular function. Stress, fatigue, travel, and exercise deplete the body of these mineral components. Air and water jets massage your entire body to restore your energy levels, immune functions, and ability to fully recharge. Includes a scalp massage while you relax.


$10 savings

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Cinnamon Spice Pedicure

Add a little spice to your life!

Enjoy a complete manicuring of your toes including a leg and foot scrub and hydrating butter cream massage all with the tantalizing scent and benefits of Cinnamon Spice!


$70 value

Add Manicure:


$25 value

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