Chiropody Services by Dr. Thomas King

Chi-rop-o-dy (British): the treatment of the feet and their ailments.

Dr. Thomas King has been practicing the art of Chiropody & Podiatric Medicine and Surgery for more than 27 years. He founded the Diabetic Foot Center in 1992 and during his career salvaged numerous limbs preventing amputation and ultimately saving their life. He has a passion for treating all foot and ankle ailments and conditions, and his dedication and knowledge is now available in our medical spa setting.

Appointments by Special Request Only

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Athletes Foot Evaluation/Treatment Medical evaluation of symptomatic athletes foot with prescribed topical medication if necessary. $150.00
Comprehensive Arterial Doppler Ultrasound Testing Includes a complete blood flow study involving bilateral lower ankles and feet (ABI’s, TBI’s, Doppler waveform analysis, PVR waveforms). $250.00
Comprehensive Diabetic Foot Exam Includes a check of circulation status, check of neurologic status, complete dermatologic exam, complete musculoskeletal/orthopaedic exam and professional recommendations. $250.00
Comprehensive Foot Care Consultation $50.00
Debridement of Calluses and Corns Medical removal of thick painful inflamed skin due to foot deformities or shoe pressure which can aid in walking and exercise. $100.00
Debridement of Deformed/Fungal Toenails Medical removal of damaged dead infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue mechanically and electrically. $100.00
Diabetic Pedicure - 45 minutes The Diabetic pedicure is specially designed to meet the special needs of clients with diabetes. A 5 step process. A gentle exfoliation, mask and a scrub will soften skin and calluses followed by skin conditioning. Nails are gently trimmed and buffed off by a revitalizing massage. $99.00
Excision/Avulsion of Painful Ingrown Toenail Medical and surgical removal of inflamed/infected ingrown toenail with administration of anesthesia and post surgical instructions. $200.00
Hydration Therapy/Foot Massage Deep hydration foot treatment for extreme dry feet/cracked skin with 15 minute foot massage and Paraffin treatment. $150.00
Pampered Senior Spa Pedicure - 45 Minutes A therapeutic session to promote good foot health. Special attention is given to gently exfoliating, grooming and massage to stimulate circulation in the lower legs. Wonderful for both men and woman. $70.00
Professional Medical Toenail Clipping $50.00
Wart Treatment Customize treatment for individual to be the most effective. May include a weekly treatment until issue is resolved. $200.00