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Services Offered

Manual Physical Therapy

Hands on approach to treatment which includes techniques such as soft tissue release, mobilizations and manipulations. Manual therapy helps to modulate pain, improve range of motion, mobilize restricted joints, facilitate muscle action, and enhance healing and repair.  I believe that providing manual care is more effective and the best use of a patient’s time than utilizing mechanical modalities like ultrasound and electronic stimulation.


Integrative Dry Needling

While dry needling uses thin hair like acupuncture needles, dry needling is not acupuncture.  Dry needling is a minimally invasive technique, rooted Western medicine, and treats the body’s musculoskeletal and nervous systems.  Needles are inserted into triggers points, muscle, fascia and connective tissues.  Research indicates that it is effective for pain control, releasing muscle tension, and restoring normal body physiology.  In practice, needles augment manual therapy and access places in the body that hands can not.



While these “spots” may look painful, the vast majority of my patients report cupping to be a pain free and pain relieving treatment.  The vacuum effect of cupping improves microcirculation, lymphatic flow, breaks down scar tissue and adhesions, and softens muscle and tissue tension.  If bruising occurs, it’s often temporary and dissipates within days.

About Dr. Najarian

Dr. Taleen Najarian, received her doctorate from Oakland University’s physical therapy program. Owner and physical therapist at Performance Physical Therapy, she is not your average medical professional.  After years working within our modern healthcare system, she has identified several areas of improvement and has been determined to find a creative solution. A solution that combines modern evidence based medical practice as well as her unique holistic approach to  neuromuscular dysfunction and disease. Dr. Najarian set out to reinvent mainstream physical therapy by providing patients with the treatment they need as well as the hands-on care they deserve.

A native to metro Detroit, Dr. Najarian chose Oakland University’s physical therapy program because of its reputation as a leader in orthopedic manual therapy and hands on healing techniques.  In 2012, she earned her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and continued down an aggressive educational path becoming certified in Active Release Technique, Neurokinetic Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Cupping, and Integrative Dry Needling.  What makes Dr. Najarian unique is her blend of muscle therapy techniques in combination with cupping and dry needling. This has proven to be highly effective in increasing micro-circulation and encouraging the body to self-heal.

Throughout her career Dr. Najarian has worked with Olympians, professional athletes, collegiate competitors and common over use injury patterns.  She is often the last hope for many patients who’ve had failed attempts with other therapies, injections, or medication. Dr. Najarian’s proven treatment approach is to consider the entire person; encompassing all body-systems, as well as the mental aspects of injury and dysfunction.  When Dr. Najarian is not in office, you can find her working in the intensive care unit at Henry Ford as well as teaching pre-physical therapy students at Oakland University.


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