Body – Celluli Attack 100ml SCV317

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Targeted Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment


A truly intensive treatment for cellulite, this high dermal absorption liquid concentrate combines the most effective contouring ingredients for a powerful attack on “orange peel skin” and cellulite dimpling in critical areas.
Results: Cellulite, orange peel skin and stubborn fat are half as visible in just 1 month*.

*Self-evaluation carried out by 56 women – average value, evaluation of the improvement in the appearance of the skin, twice daily application for 28 days.
Not for use by pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not suitable for people sensitive to iodine.


Pepper Slimactiv (pink pepper oil): Exclusively targets adipocytes for enhanced lipolytic efficacy and maximum precision*.
Sea Absinthium: Intelligently tracks sugar to put the adipocytes on a forced diet*.
Sea Grape: Balances the functioning of the genes involved in the development of cellulite*.
Glycolic acid: Promotes the effectiveness of the contouring ingredients, smoothes the surface of the skin.

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