Body Treatments & Wraps

Our body scrubs and wraps are ideal for improving skin tone and texture, increasing circulation, detoxifying and remineralizing the body.

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Body Polish Full body exfoliation with sea salt and aromatic oils combined with a relaxing therapeutic 50 minute massage.


Body Salt Glow Full body exfoliation with sea salt and aromatic oils. 30 minute treatment.


Bora Bora Buff An aromatic gel, containing sand from the coasts of Bora Bora will gently exfoliate, followed by a hydrating massage.


Champagne of the Seas – Remineralizing Relaxing Back Treatment A relaxing 1 hour massage of the back and the scalp, combined with detoxifying marine scrub of the back.   The back can become knotted with tension. In order to unpick the knots, this treatment combines cleansing using a detoxifying marine products with a super-relaxing back and scalp massage.  Then sit and relax and sip on a glass of champagne.
Contouring Marine Body Wrap Contouring and detoxifying treatment. A series of treatments will optimize long term effects.


Fleur's Golden Veil Body Ritual Envelope yourself in youth with this golden body treatment! A body mask enriched with iridescent minerals and the detoxifying flower Artemesia, restores balance, detoxifies and radiantly hydrates. Your skin will glow after being smoothed with a gold peptide body milk. Includes body scrub, wrap and 30 min massage.


Restorative Ritual - Head To Toe Treatment 2 1/2 hour treatment created exclusively for Margot European Day Spa. You will work exclusively with one therapist for this 2 and half hour mind, body and soul journey.   Beginning with a full body scrub, your therapist takes you on a journey that encourages your muscles to release and deep profound relaxation to begin. After, we will employ a Customized Aromatherapy 50 minute Massage.   To further enhance your state of relaxation and cleansing, we will perform a Classic European Facial to restore your natural beauty of your skin.   Your journey will end with a gentle vibration on your feet to reawaken you, refreshed and renewed.
Satin Shimmer Treatment A thorough body exfoliation is a wonderful way to rid your body to dead dry cells. Followed with a 30min body massage leaving you skin radiant and tingling with renewed life.


Sea Foam Body Wrap: A Muscle Melter, Tissue Detox A fabulous wrap for tight muscles, joints and tendons an intensely active marine mud will soothe sore tissue while toxins are drawn from deep within. This treatment leaves your body detoxified, re-mineralized and fully oxygenated.


Sea Holistic Treatment 1 hour and 30 minute treatment. Elevate your wellness to a new level by experiencing the best that spa science and ancient healing water can offer.  Begin your treatment with a Phytomer Energizing Seawater Soak. Offering over 104 pure trace elements found only in the ocean, this freeze dried sea water provides essential re-mineralization to any tire, devitalized body.  Your treatment will  be followed by an ultra relaxing massage with gentle warmth and fragrant scent of lavender. Through soft effleurage strokes, targeted pressure points and stretching, this treatment eliminates areas of tension. Your mind surrenders to an overall sense of well-being and long lasting replenishment.


Seascape Self-Heating Mud Treatment Seaweed-based mud heats up and creates thermal bubbles that perform micro-massage to absorb every trace of tension, leaving the body remineralized and oxygenated with restored circulation. Applied to the feet, spine, knees or other localized areas. A true deep tissue detoxifier that will enhance the purifying effects of your massage.


South Seas Air Brush Tan - Spray Only South Seas Island inspired body care Air Brush Tan. A thorough application of this sunless tan product is applied, producing a golden tan.


South Seas Air Brush Tan - With Exfoliation South Seas Island inspired body care Air Brush Tan. A thorough application of this sunless tan product is applied to freshly exfoliated and moisturized skin, producing a golden tan. Includes full body exfoliation


Vichy Shower with Full Body Scrub - 45 Minutes Originating in France, the Vichy Shower consists of a multiple shower head system. Unlike conventional Vichy treatments, Margot is pleased to exclusively offer a completely encapsulated, cocoon-like steam system inside our Hydroco Thermal L capsule. Recommended as a prelude to a massage, full body scrub or any body treatment.