Experience Hydrotherapy

Margot offers medically designed Hydrotherapy Tub Treatments from Hydroco, a world leader in medical grade hydrotherapy equipment. Ideal for warming and relaxing the muscles, our therapeutic hydro tubs use dozens of anatomically placed jets to help prepare your body for a massage. Lymph drainage and relaxing options are available and your therapist can customize treatments to your body’s needs. Hydrotherapy effectively maximizes the benefits of massage therapy. Swimsuits recommended (disposable swimsuits available).

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Vichy Shower with Aroma Steam Capsule Originating in France, the Vichy Shower consists of a multiple showerhead system. Unlike conventional Vichy treatments, Margot is pleased to exclusively offer a completely encapsulated, cocoon-like steam system inside our Hydroco Thermal L capsule. Recommended as a prelude to a massage, full body scrub or any body treatment. 20 Minutes $60.00